Our Spring Break

{ Saturday, April 14, 2012 }
Being a teacher has lots of perks, and Spring Break is one of them. This year, the kiddos and I went camping with my family. We took lots of camping trips as kids and they are some of my best memories. Days outside riding bikes, sight-seeing, fishing, and nights around the campfire. No TV, or house to clean, just all day long playing with my kids and enjoying my family.

Morgan and Ethan enjoying some breakfast from little cereal boxes (a family camping tradition)

Little fisherman with a Spongebob fishing pole

Ethan and Papaw having an important conversation.
The museum near the campground (This place was so awesome we visited it THREE times)
Sweet girl enjoying some lunch (hidden inside Easter eggs!)

Meanwhile, Chad was back at home working hard on removing tree stumps. He cut down two semi-dead trees that we thought could potentially fall on the house, and grinded 7 stumps. The work around this place never ends. 

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