Basement gets a facelift

{ Saturday, April 14, 2012 }
Every time we decide to start a new project we jump right in instead of taking it slow, hence the delayed blog-posting that has been happening.

So our basement had the slight (okay, major) stench of dog. And we could take it no longer. So rather than taking it slow, we rip the entire place apart. 

Ah, the beauty. Why would anyone want to change this?
My hard-working hubsy and the messy closet.

The bedroom, complete with "ocean breeze" trim.
I know, more beauty.

So we rip up the carpet and begin the looooong process of painting over the beautiful paneling, which takes 5-6 coats of paint and primer. We had some help.

From left to right:  CALLIE  DOG(looks like a P, the paint dripped)  ETHAN

So we paint day and night so that Chad can lay the laminate flooring. So he begins to lay it, but that proves to more difficult that we anticipated (it ALWAYS is!). We call in the professionals to lay the flooring. We're up to a three week project. In the meantime, Chad builds a shelf to put in a nook to display his collection of alcoholic beverages and Coca-Cola memorabilia. But that also did not work out the way we expected it would. When we tried to bring it inside, it was too tall and would not fit. Now we're up to four weeks.  We thought it would be two weeks, tops.
AFTER: Still a man cave, but improved.
Our shelf (it's not really crooked, just the photographer)
The spare bedroom

But it was all worth it. We spent a lot more time downstairs, and I don't cringe when the kids play on the floor. One more thing checked of the to-do list.

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