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On October 26, 2011, our little man turned four years old. On his actual birthday we celebrated at home by having Ethan's birthday meal of his choice, chicken nuggets and french fries, and of course, a cake.

For his party, we invited family and friends to the Pavilion to eat cake and swim. And guess what the theme for the party was? Of course, Thomas the Tank Engine for the second year running.

Every birthday, I always think back on the day that Ethan was born.  So here's a brief synopsis.

October 24, 2007: I went to the doctor because I was getting so close to due date. He looked at my massively swollen cankles and told me I couldn't go back to work, but I begged for one more day to wrap things up with my first grade class.
October 25, 7:15 AM: Sitting in chair at school at my desk talking to another teacher, and suddenly feeling like I peed my pants a little. Comment on how I'm loosing bladder control. Stand up and realize that my water has broken at school when students will be arriving in 10 minutes.
7:30 AM:  Call Chad and tell him I'm on my way home because my water has broken. When I pull in the garage, he runs in, panicked, saying "What do we do?"
8:00 AM Arrive at the hospital, my doctor is on call (thankfully) and checks dialation. Only 2 centimeters. Starts pitocin.
12:00PM: Chad calls everyone he knows, telling them we're in the hospital.
8:00PM: Lots of people visiting, in LOTS of pain because contractions are INTENSE from pitocin.
October 26, 12:00AM: Finally time to start pushing.
1:00AM: Still pushing.
1:30AM: Still pushing.
2:00AM I remember looking at the clock and thinking, how much longer will I push?!!! Doctor finally decides that the baby is getting hung up on my pelvis.
2:15 AM: Preparing for c-section. I don't remember much about this, it went by quickly, and they gave me lots of pain medication.
October 26, 2007, 3:45 AM: Ethan Scott Wallace was born.

1 week old

three months old

Don't remember how old, but always makes me laugh.
How can you NOT laugh at this one?

Ethan's 3rd Halloween

I remember looking at him for the first time and thinking about how absolutely beautiful he was. From that moment, our lives changed. Our priorities and thoughts were different. 

Happy birthday, Boo Bear.

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