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{ Sunday, July 17, 2011 }
Today's events are a prime example of the reason that I decided to start this blog. With a 3 year old and 18 month old in our house, great things (depending on how you look at them) happen every day. When we think back, some of the details are forgotten, so even if I'm the only person in the whole wide web to read them, at least the memories are recorded. So here goes the first installment to the Four Happy Wallaces blog.

Ethan and I were downstairs. He was playing trains and I was reupolstering a chair. Callie and Chad were upstairs. All was quiet (which as moms of 18 month olds know, usually means bad things are happening, which proved to be true in this case.) I hear "Oh no, what do you have?!" Then "Ang, HELP!!!" I run upstairs into the bathroom and see the beautiful artwork that our daughter had created on the tile of our bathtub. She had gotten under the sink, unzipped a pouch which contained the finger nail polishes, unscrewed the lid and managed to paint the tub, the tiled floor, the carpet in our bedroom and even herself. I begin to wash her hands while Chad says, " How do we get this off?!" I take Callie out to the living room and return with laquer thinner. We work for 10-15 minutes removing hot pink nail polish (one of my favorites) off the tub and floor.

So you're thinking, oh, that's not so bad. Toddlers get into things. The story is not finished.

After cleaning, I go to get Callie and try to remove some more of the polish from her hands and feet. (I think she might have actually painted one or two of her toenails.) She's not in the living room, but as I walk by the hall bathroom, I notice the door is closed. I open the door to hear "Uh oh" and there she stands with a wet wash cloth. This wash cloth is wet because she has put it in the toilet! She is trying to wash the polish off her hands with toilet water! At this point, all I can do is smile. My mom will say, "She is trying to solve her own problems. " Very true.

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Brooke said...

Haha! What a terrific story Angie! Love your new blog :)

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